Personal Training with Ian Porter

15 Jan

So you’re interested in hiring a personal trainer in London? Well congratulations, by landing on this page you have taken your first step towards getting fit and getting the body you have always dreamed of….

There are many reasons you may be considering a personal trainer, For example you may need to get into shape for a specific event such as a wedding or holiday, maybe you feel that you don’t like what you see in the mirror anymore, maybe your jeans just aren’t fitting you right or maybe you ran for a bus recently and felt completely out of breath and unfit?

Whatever your reason may be, one thing is for sure.…

Something needs to change, and it needs to change now!

Hence the reason you are here right now looking for a personal trainer!

I understand that there are literally thousands of personal trainers and instructors who all offer you great results in no time at all, with no effort!

I can see the attraction of these kind of offers but where is your insurance? In my experience when a deal sounds to good to be true it usually is….

In fact many of these personal trainers often produce a poor service or repetitive training sessions and this has started to become a bit of a personal annoyance to me. It often frustrates me to see the level of service people are willing to pay for. In other professions individuals would not get away with selling a product or service that didn’t work, I don’t see why personal Trainers should. Especially when I put so much effort and passion into achieving the best results for all my clients.

So why take a huge financial risk? After all working with a personal trainer in London is not cheap. In fact personal training fees in London are the highest in the UK, yet most people are forced to gamble their money while the personal trainer picks up a healthy pay cheque regardless of the result.

That doesn’t sound like a fair deal to me!


The only solution is a to work with a personal trainer who offers you some kind of financial insurance.  A personal trainer who can guarantee your progress. A personal trainer who has the skills, knowledge, experience and confidence to put his money where his mouth is.

That’s why if you train with me you will either see the results you desire or I will happily give you your money back!

Does that sound like a better deal? Guaranteed results or your money back!

Of course for me to offer this attractive deal we will need to work together. I don’t have a military background so I won’t be shouting at you like a drill sergeant but I will expect a certain level of effort and commitment….

So if you are the type of person who

  1. Expects results without any hard work
  2. Cancels sessions at the last minute
  3. Refuses to follow an eating plan and hold back on cigarettes and alcohol
  4. Refuses to train by yourself in between our sessions
  5. Lacks commitment

Then I suggest you find another personal trainer who would be willing to take you’re money!

If however you think you have what it takes and are motivated individual who can avoid the pitfalls and excuses not to train then you’re the type of person I would love to work with!

I consider myself an expert in weight loss and body transformation & with my personal training I guarantee you will…..

  • Lose fat
  • Get Fit & Toned
  • Feel Great
  • Get Fast Results
  • Decrease Stress
  • Look More Attractive
  • Improve Sleep
  • Feel More Confident
  • Increase Energy
  • Get value for your money
  • And Much, Much More.

As well as offering a money back guarantee I also offer a free consultation and free trial session, so if you’re are serious about getting fit please contact me.